World War Z: was it a prediction?


Recent events happening worldwide reminds us something like this is happening, read more to understand the relationship of this movie and current events


“World War Z” begins with Gerry Lane (Brad Pitt) and his family experiencing the start of the zombie pandemic in Philadelphia. Chaos quickly ensues as the infected rapidly turn into aggressive zombies. Gerry’s past as a former United Nations investigator makes him a valuable asset in this crisis, and he’s soon recruited to help find the source of the outbreak.

To ensure his family’s safety on a U.S. naval vessel, Gerry agrees to join a team on a mission to South Korea, where it’s believed the outbreak began. However, the mission doesn’t provide a lot of answers; instead, they learn that the infection has spread globally at an unprecedented rate.

From South Korea, Gerry heads to Jerusalem, which has managed to protect itself by building a massive wall. Here, he observes that zombies are attracted to noise and sees that they ignore a sickly old man and a boy, hinting at a potential weakness. However, the safety of Jerusalem is short-lived, as the noise from celebratory singing attracts a massive horde that breaches the city’s defenses.

Gerry then heads to a World Health Organization (WHO) research facility in Wales, following a lead about a potential way to combat the zombies. En route, their plane is overrun by zombies and crashes, but Gerry and a few others survive.

At the WHO facility, Gerry theorizes that zombies avoid biting people who are seriously ill because they seek healthy hosts for spreading the infection. He decides to test this theory by injecting himself with a deadly pathogen, hoping that if he’s right, the zombies will ignore him. The gamble pays off; the zombies don’t show interest in attacking him.

Using this discovery, the WHO produces a “camouflage” — a vaccine made of deadly pathogens. When injected, it makes humans appear sick to the zombies, effectively making them invisible to the infected. This offers humanity a fighting chance.

The film concludes with scenes of global resistance against the zombies, using the new camouflage tactic. Gerry reunites with his family, but the fight against the undead continues, hinting that the war is far from over.


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